Michelle McGee Sex Tape
Michelle McGee Sex Tape
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Alert the Media!  Jesse James’s former mistress and homewrecker, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, is about to release a sex tape!  This tattooed “Bombshell” has had a busy year getting her ‘freak’ on.  She has made two sex tapes this year: one with a tatted-up dude, and one with a woman who has as much ink on her as our homewrecker McGee!  It has been reported that the porn giant, Red Light District (the company that released the Paris Hilton Sex tape) acquired the sex tapes with McGee.  It is unclear how Red Light obtained the sex tapes, but I am sure it wasn’t too hard with McGee’s track record of selling herself for fame.

“Bombshell” McGee is not only a tattoo glamour model, but a homewrecker to the stars, she had an alleged affair with Jesse James for eleven months while he was married to Sandra Bullock.  McGee confesses that James cheated on her with at least nineteen different women.  James announced his engagement to Kat Von D after his marriage was finished with Bullock, McGee lashed out at the announcement saying that James will always be a cheater and that the marriage wouldn’t last.  Well, James is a player for sure, not long after Kat Von D did call off the engagement.   McGee said - “What did you expect?” 

Well, McGee’s record of scandalous behavior tops the list with this sex tape.  Her current profession as a stripper, and a featured ‘talent’ on a call girl site with web cams must not be making bank.  What is a girl to do with a tattoo on her face?  Make a wild sex tape and hope that is raining more than the dollar bills at the local strip club!

Just Released 2/17/2012!

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